Organizations today need to embrace the new digital world and embrace practices such as remote working, while also being aware that this new way of business expands attack surfaces by opening new doors for hackers to exploit by working opportunistically to take advantage of this shift in global workforces.

When an enterprise starts building their infrastructure on-prem or on cloud, they invest in security controls such as DDoS prevention, Next-Gen Firewall IDS/IPS, Web Content Filtering, CASB, WAF, Anti-malware, Encryption at rest and in transit, etc. …

Salesforce is one such platform that can be adopted by nonprofit organizations as their customer relationship management software (CRM). It not only helps in keeping track of the information about members and prospects but also offers many functional and flexible features.

The following are some of the creative uses of Salesforce that nonprofits can utilize to make to optimize their relationship management.

Integration Of Third-Party Tools

Most nonprofits utilize a combination of cloud-based, on-premise, and mobile apps. These include software-enabled services like shipping, payment gateways, etc. …

Well profitability is a major concern for the oil and gas industry. Enough questions arise as to whether oil gain from a specific well is too little, with the added difficulty of keeping tabs on multiple wells at once. Enter a well profitability analytics solution that has a sleuth of capabilities, benefits, and features. The software will not only ensure a boost in profitability but also provide frequent well reviews by the same token.

What is Well Profitability?

The petroleum industry functions on the availability of oil and gas fields and operating on wells to extract oil and raw natural…

Fully integrated video process management includes delivery and protection of live HD and ultra-high definition (UHD) media broadcasts of live events. A varied range of Video Process Management merchandise built for the total control and monitoring needs the right set of applications for proper management. The range can extend from Contribution and Distribution networks to Direct-to-client headends. The UHD capability can be reached from MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC to HEVC, and HD to 4K UHDTV.

The management applications and system management across the media process portfolio solutions form the platform for initial content acquisition and exchange through to the D2C process…

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The school lays the basic foundation of not just the child’s future but also the future of the nation. The children of today are the adults of tomorrow. The growth in the society is clearly dependent on the quality of education imparted in schools. As parents we are often overwhelmed by the choices available to us with regard to schooling of our little ones.

From day boarding to residential schools, schools are aplenty but while choosing for our precious wards much has to be kept in mind. India has had a long tradition of gurukuls where the idea of education…

A good oil and gas production software drives multiple benefits for this sector. With shrinking margins and increasingly complex operations in the extraction of this liquid gold from the bowels of the Earth, the need for a good tech enabler has never been as acute as it is today.

With a good software, you get to optimize your resources all the time, capture and validate real-time data about on-site/off-site operational processes, and get higher efficiencies by keeping the workforce and its utilization streamlined.

What Factors Make A Good Choice In Oil And Gas Production Software?

When it comes to selecting…

Are You Systematically Losing Money In Rig Operations, Read On..

Digital transformation is undoubtedly the power behind the metamorphosis of oil & gas sector. Ever since the dawn of industrial revolution, oil & gas sector has played the pivotal role in the economy of the world. However, due to highly volatile nature of the crude oil, organizations are opting for super digitization of their processes, to make their operations much leaner. Previously, organizations used to invest heavily on exploration, extraction, and processing of crude oil, without the backup of real time data. This resulted in overshooting of the planned budget…

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